This would never happen in Thundera.

June 9, 2008

We’re smack in the middle of a heat wave here, and I have zero desire to DO anything.  Even playing Mah Jongg takes too much effort.   

We put our AC in the window yesterday morning, and, set to keep the place at a not-unreasonable 78 degrees, it has been valiantly trying, but failing, to keep up.  At almost 5 pm, it is 86 in here.  I am a greasy little puddle of smell.

Robot Boy has spent most of the day watching old episodes of Thundercats (yes, really), and I’ve been wandering around, trying to forget an upcoming deadline, which can’t even be eclipsed by the brain-worm themesong, that we have adapted to sing to each of our cats:

Orange Cat ain't on the move;
Orange Cat is LOOSE!
He is lazy, he just lays 
On his orange caBOOSE!

Et cetera.  You can imagine other versions.  One more day of this heat.  Maybe then I can get some work done.



  1. I’m pretty convinced this heat will be the death of me. and I’m not turning on my a/c b/c 1) its wood-paneled appearance continues to frighten me in this, our fourth summer of coexistence; and 2) my nabe has been specifically requested to conserve, according to News 4 New York. Jeebs help us all!!!

    p.s. high five on the relocation! I’ll be back often.

  2. Aren’t you DYING? My A/C could be covered in scales, muppet fur, or pictures of Rush Limbaugh, and I would still be sitting in front of it in my undies.

  3. 6 days later, I can tell you that yes. yes I was dying. and will be for many more weeks.


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