June 10, 2008

I supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and her concession speech over the weekend brought me to tears (and was one of her best moments), but I see this picture:

The Audacity of Fistbumping

and I want to cheer.  That is a team.  RB and I do this all the time to celebrate each others’ victories.  If you haven’t heard the rumbling in the right-wing media about how this gesture is either OMG SO BLACK! or ZOMG A SECRET TERRORIST SYMBOL!, well, consider yourself lucky. 

I don’t think O was the better choice for the Dems, but against McCain, he’s the only choice, and I can’t even entertain the idea that “rational people can disagree” on this issue.  And if Michelle is there, well…she might be as badass as Hills.


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