June 13, 2008

Has anyone reading this (all none of you) sold anything on eBay?  I have some jewelry (mostly sterling silver type stuff) that I haven’t worn in years that might be appealing to someone else–and if I can make a little green off it, so much the better.

I just want to know if it’s a huge hassle, or easy-peasy, or somewhere in between.  Any info or recommendations are welcome.  I’m not eBay-experienced; I’ve only bought 2 or 3 things off it, and those for a job (including a copy of the 1972 movie Our Miss Fred, starring British cross-dresser Danny La Rue).  I have unloaded books with some success using Amazon’s Seller’s Program, so I’m not a total novice, either.




  1. I have never sold anything on ebay, although I’ve bought a lot of stuff there. I just had to laugh when I read the (all none of you). That’s how I feel, I’m not sure why I do this blogging thing, they say you have to these days. Thanks for the LOL


  2. 3rd comment of the night… yes I have sold something on eBay–only once!–and it was pretty easy. def charge a tinge more on the shipping so you can make up for the PayPal service fee. otherwise, it’s good times. I was proud of myself afterward.

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