A Hairy Conversation.

June 16, 2008

I’m going to the beach for a few days, and in anticipation of this totally awesome turn of events, I went to get my lower legs waxed, which I manage to do maybe 3 or 4 times a year.

Anyway, usually the waxer is a tiny, often older Vietnamese woman, and the talk is minimal (“oooh, so hairy!”  “Now turn over,” etc.).  Today was different, though.  Waxer was a woman maybe younger than me, maybe around my age, a brown-skinned American of indeterminate heritage.  She was very friendly and chatty, and we gabbed a bit as she was RIPPING THE HAIR OUT OF MY BODY.

We talked a little about my upcoming trip, but there was a little meta-talk about hair removal (how hard it is to wax yourself, etc.) and while I merrily noted how I was overdue, and the trip was my motivating factor, I was internally cringing about the fact that we both outwardly agreed that my legs were gross and unacceptable as-is.  And I don’t think that my legs/leg hair is gross, I just know that if I go about in shorts or a swimsuit or whatever without waxing or shaving or policing every fucking square inch of my body, I will be judged.  By men and women, who may or may not know me. 

I hate that I am asked to devote psychic energy to that policing; and even more, I hate that I capitulate to that policing; and most of all, I hate that I played along and vocally supported that policing.  Feminist FAIL.


One comment

  1. you can’t tell me Steinem doesn’t get her legs waxed AT LEAST. just sayin’.

    last comment of the night, I swear. I think I’m making your blog uncomfortable.

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