June 20, 2008

I understand that the term is a portmanteau of “blog” and “beg.”  Which is what I’m doing.

I’ve been here in the Hamptons since Tuesday, staying in a little house with friends who have rented it (at what cost I don’t know, but which I’m sure is far beyond my means).  Robot Boy will be here after lunch, and we will stay through the weekend. 

We already agreed to split the grocery bill, and there has been no mention of us pitching in towards the rental.  I don’t believe they expect it, of course, but I am feeling very indebted (due to consciousness of my own comparative poverty), and very thankful.  In general, have been excellent friends to us–for example,  shortly after our beloved Screamy Cat died back in October, they invited us out to spend the day at a fund raiser for our favorite animal shelter (where we adopted two of our own babies) and let us hug puppies and talk all we needed to about our sweet girl.

So, the bleg:  what sort of thank-you gift would be appropriate?  The two are smart, highly educated, cultured dog lovers who like mid-century modern furniture, vegetarian food, and silly movies.  Neither one drinks, so nice booze is out.  A good meal seems insufficient.  Gas card?  Helpful, but impersonal.  I’m sure RB and I will discuss this on the train back to the city, but I’d love suggestions.


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