OMG Shoez.

June 26, 2008

Okay, everyone and their mammy has seen this, I think, but it’s appropriate (although why the sexy hula-hoopers are necessary, I don’t know):

I don’t actually like shoes.  I go barefoot as often as I reasonably can, and when that isn’t possible, I’m probably just wearing slippers or flipflops.  I don’t like to shop for shoes, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes, I don’t even want to think about shoes  (this is one of the reasons that I never watched SATC, I’m sure).

I have bad feet for shoes.  They’re not ugly or gnarly or anything, but they are rather wide, and I have crazy high insteps and arches, which means I can’t wear a lot of styles–either my arch doesn’t fit, or I just walk right out of them.  Also, I refuse to wear shoes that hurt, which eliminates a lot of other styles.  I have been on a quest for X years now for a pair of black low heels that I can wear w/ a suit or a dress, and actually walk in.  These shoes have not been forthcoming.  My current compromise, like if I’m presenting at a conference, for example is to go about in my stocking feet or wear comfy shoes (that is, flipflops) until absolutely necessary, then switch.  It’s working out so far.  Fortunately, I’m in academia, and our standards are…shall we say… “different”?  That’s polite.

I do, however, like boots.  Rainboots, cowboy boots, fuck-me boots, army boots, work boots.  I realize that boots are shoes, technically, but play along, here.  I have had slightly better luck with boots not hurting, probably because I can find them with more reasonable heel heights (or sans heels), and because there are fewer edges to cut into my feet (strappy sandals, begone!).  But boots are not for summer, so I’m barefoot for now.

But friends, when it comes time to reward myself for finishing my next dissertation chapter (this is how I operate; when I finished the most recent chapter, I bought myself a new sorely needed new laptop), I will be buying myself these pretty babies:  Frye Harness 8R Boots.  Maybe the 12R, though.  In brown, either way.  They will be, by far, the most expensive shoes I will have ever bought (because I am cheap, remember?), and I intend to wear them for the rest of my life. 

Right now, I’m thinking I’ll be sporting them in September (you have to have new school shoes, right?).  Maude, I hope they fit…




  1. meant to leave this comment last week, but those boots are wonderful! I shall be jea-loose.

  2. oh and p.s. I was obsessed with “Kelly” for a good couple weeks when I first saw “Shoes.”

    these shus rul. these shus SUCK!

    well there goes my brain for the rest of the day.

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