Good news / Bad news

June 29, 2008

Good news: I got all my old files transferred off floppies and my old tank of a computer, without junking up my new one.  My desk is looking great.

Bad news:  I got nothing done on my dissertation this week.  Not a word.

Good news:  I made cupcakes last night!  Lemony delicious.

Bad news:  I’m going to eat half-a-dozen cupcakes in the next few days. 

Good news:  Our farm share is full of awesome, and I’ve found some great recipes.  Tonight, we’re having Soy-Glazed Bok Choy and Tofu, Pan-fried Daikon, and brown rice.  Does this make up for the cupcakes?

Bad news:  RB has no clue how to deal w/ fresh produce, so all these great recipes mean work for me.  Also, no, it doesn’t make up for the cupcakes.

Good news:  I had lunch with one of my college-age step-sisters last week.  I haven’t seen her for almost 2 years.

Bad news:  She was in town for a friend’s funeral, and she’s… uh…  I tried to talk politics, and her response was “wait, Obama’s from Chicago?”  (She was born in suburban Chicago and lived there until she was 14 or so.)

Good news:  I saw Sunday in the Park with George last week and ran into a couple of my colleagues.  The production was really pretty good.  Jenna Russell as Dot, particularly.

Bad news:  I realized I hate Sunday in the Park with George, and I left at intermission.

And to end on bad news:  It’s hot as balls.  I hate summer.



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