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Now go hug your pets.

July 3, 2008

I was going to post some pictures of my feline gang, but I can find the cord that connects the camera to the ‘puter.  Instead, here’s a video that has made me cry–in a good way–every single time I’ve seen it:

I saw this on Cute Overload, but I’m sure it’s been around.  I recommend muting the slurpy Whitney Houston soundtrack.  My brain says “god, that’s dangerous!” and  warns me not to anthropomorphize, but jebus-on-the-half-shell:  animals, even wild ones, do have memories and feelings.  If you’ve had any pets, you know.  The way the blond guy lights up when he sees Christian just slays me.  I feel that way about my kitties.  Without the threat of being eaten, even.

Also, although I have no way of knowing, I love the idea of the two dudes being a couple in the ’70s, and their saving a cub from that evil that is Harrod’s.  I hate that place.