She’s Crafty!

July 5, 2008

(I’m “she.”)

I got a basic sewing machine for my birthday a few months ago, and while I got through the small stack of mending and altering fairly quickly, I hadn’t decided what my next project/s would be.

The internet has all kinds of fun stuff, and I found this tutorial for a tote bag at Sew, Mama, Sew!, and I thought that would be a good stepping stone for me:  more complex than the straight hemming and stuff I’d been doing, but still pretty much stitching rectangles together.  I didn’t have any “home decor” fabric, but I did have some navy blue cotton with white polka dots from a dress that I decided didn’t fit right anymore.  I had taken out the zipper from the dress to repair the case on my memory foam pillow a couple weeks ago, and that went…um.  I’m not posting pictures of it, but it’ll serve.  Zippers are tricky.

Anyway, so I was cannibalizing the dress anyway, and I was feeling like busting out ma maquina de coser, and I thought I’d try to do a half-scale version of the bag.  Although I don’t have any of the fancy tools that the tutorial mentions (oooh, xmas list!), or even good sharp scissors, I barrelled through it and came up with this little number:

Which I’m pretty pleased with.  I managed to line up the dots of the patch pocket to those of the bag itself (more or less), and while my seams aren’t totally straight, it turned out better than I thought.  That is, it turned out.

The scale may not be clear, but the bag itself is about 7 inches high, so  it’s just a little thing, good for the don’t-leave-the-house-without-em basics: wallet, keys, phone, lip balm. 

So yes, I will be returning to this pattern at full scale once I get some properly heavy fabric (and the right needle for the fabric).  I may make a few of these as presents, since they’re meant to be used as permanent washable grocery bags, and there is really NO reason to be taking plastic bags from the store.  MOM. 

Just kidding, my mom doesn’t read this.  You want one?


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  1. Cutie cute. Joan would be SO PROUD.

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