Dear Neighbor

July 10, 2008

I am certain that you take great pride in owning such a nice shiny vehicle.  After all, how else would you get around in New York?

Oh, right, the subway.

However, if you are unable to prevent your car alarm for going off, continuously, for 15 minutes, before 8:30 in the morning, you are too stupid to own–let alone drive–a car.

Kindly go fuck yourself.

Very sincerely,


P.S.  Yes, I did have to go back and edit this; lack of sleep seriously hinders my typing skills.  I blame you.


One comment

  1. Hey Wroth,

    Saw your OT comment. Drop me a line at my email address and let me know what kind of BW movies you like, so that I can recommend some. 🙂

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