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Does my navel look all right?

July 14, 2008

Yeah, so I mentioned before that I’ve been active on “the Facebook” lately–I think there’s a function that describes how “friends” accumulate, but I was never great at math–and, not entirely coincidentally, I’ve got a lot more social things happening than usual.  I went to brunch with an ollllld friend yesterday, I’m planning on a happy hour today with friends from college, and there are a few other events in the works.

Anyway, since these are people I haven’t seen in years (most recently 2, others, 5 or 10), I’ve started doing the “OMG what are they going to think when they see me?” thing.  Because I’m older, see.  And I don’t try as hard as I used to to live up to the Feminine Beauty Mandate.

A lot of it is just plain laziness.  Well, that, combined with the realization that “perfection” is a myth, and chasing it a waste of my time and energy, since it doesn’t make me feel better, anyway.  In the last 2-5 years, I’ve given up coloring, drying and curling my hair (with a few exceptions for the last, such as weddings or other “high drag” occasions), cutting back cosmetic use severely (a lifetime of bad skin will get you on the makeup train but good), and in general simplifying the pre-leaving-the-house routine (at home I generally can’t be bothered–the cats have never commented one way or the other).

In addition to being less expensive, taking less time, and decluttering my bathroom, this has had the interesting side effect of getting me used to what I really look like.  I haven’t gotten better-looking, but going without (much or any) make-up has reset my “what I should look like” barometer to a more reasonable measure.  The more time I spent “fixing” myself, the more I thought I needed “fixing.”  Which is bullshit.  So the new routine is better for my mental well-being, if not for the well-being of those who prefer a more decorative, or at least more decorated, woman.

Then I read this thread on Crunchy Chicken this morning (cosmic coincidence, I’m sure), and while I’m glad that so many women seem to be totally lovin’ themselves without any enhancements, I am not yet there (although I wonder at how “I never wear makeup” can become a badge of one’s crunchy/feminist bona fides that women might use to compete with each other).  You will have to pry my undereye concealer from my cold, dead hands.

So, when I go out later, it will be after the 4 step face routine:  SPF moisturizer, concealer, powder, and mascara (lip balm doesn’t really count, does it?); and the 3 step hair routine:  brush, twist, clip. 

I will never be gorgeous.  It ain’t in the genes.  I just hope my friends don’t go home thinking “It was good to see her, but jeez, Wroth has really let herself go.”