Infant or Little Old Man?

July 19, 2008

You make the call:

That’s my nephew.  The one I haven’t met yet.  I don’t think I’m blowing my cover by posting this, but if you recognize this baby, don’t spill the beans that his aunt has a blog.

Also, what the hell kind of chair is that?  I bet it hovers and makes Jetson-car noises.


  1. It’s called, ridiculously, a Bumbo seat. And they are awesome. If I could sit my fat ass in one of those things’ foam squashy goodness, I totally would.

  2. Howdy, madam. The nephew pictured shares a name with your firstborn, and seems to enjoy the seat. Which, now that you describe it, sounds like Crocs for your butt. I wonder if they advertise that way?

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