Double Double Feature Feature

July 21, 2008

You probably know it has been unbearably hot in NYC as of late.  After five days of 90+ heat, today got in the upper 80s.  Our apartment, in addition to being directly under a black tar roof, has a western brick wall that is totally exposed, so we’ve been roasting.  Even with our little window unit chugging along, it hasn’t been below 80 inside for more than 10 days, and last night, we noted that it was 87.6.  IN. SIDE.

Misery.  We both sat around in our undies in front of a fan, drank huge amounts of water, and wore frozen bandanas on our heads.  It was like some kind of fucked up sweat lodge.  We also watched a couple of movies:  The Lives of Others and Batman Begins.  You’ve probably already seen the latter; I highly recommend the former, a well-acted German drama about the waning years of the GDR and the lengths to which the Stasi policed their citizens.

The Batman movie was in anticipation of The Dark Knight, which we saw today, followed shortly thereafter by Hellboy II:  The Golden Army.  Robot Boy had the day off, and we thought (rightly) that theatres would be less crowded on a Monday.  No reviews (you’ve probably already seen both), but I enjoyed them in the way I enjoy most “summer blockbusters’:  as a ‘splode!-a-riffic sausage-fests of varying quality (the writing usually takes a backseat to getting the maximum number of vehicles smashed up) and the chance to soak up as much A/C and Diet Coke as I can handle.

I recommend the A/C and Diet Coke heartily.

I also recommend what is now generally referred to as “The Bechdel Test” (although it should probably be called “The Liz Wallace Test,” or the “Dykes To Watch Out For Test”).  Alison Bechdel is the author/cartoonist of DTWOF, and the more mainstream graphic novel Fun Home (which is one of the most amazing memoirs I’ve ever read; please read it, buy it, love it).  The strip where the Bechdel Test was concretized–from 1985, no less–can be found here, but to summarize (or if the link is wonky),  a film or tv show only passes the Test if it:

a) features 2 or more women,

b) talking to each other,

c) about something other than men.

Deceptively simple.  None of the four movies I’ve seen in the last 36 hours pass the Test.  I’m trying to remember the last one I saw that does.  Any recommendations?


One comment

  1. frozen bandanas… why haven’t I ever thought of that? a good tip I coulda used in my own fucked-up sweat lodge/study hovel this past weekend. the memories are making me shiver from revulsion.

    that Bechdel Test makes me depressed.

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