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Mamma mia, indeed.

July 22, 2008

At the end of the month, I have to submit a draft of an article that may end up in an edited collection on motherhood and performance.  I have one that I’ll have to trim a little (they only want 8 pages now, which: ruh?), but because it’s on the image of mothers in musical theatre (a rare breed, actually), I just realized that I’m going to have to see one of the most successful-horrible musicals ever produced, one that I have been avoiding since it opened in 2001:  Mamma Mia!

If the exclamation point wasn’t already present, I’d have to add it.  !  The movie version means I can’t even use over-inflated Broadway ticket prices as an excuse.

I’m not going to be able to incorporate it into my draft, as it’s already overlong, but how did I manage to ignore it as a spot-on subject thus far?   All I can guess is that I was willfully blocking it out. For very good reasons, I fear.

Has anyone seen this?  What did you think?  And how does it compare to the stage musical?  Will I suffer, or should I just get all sugared-up and go for it?