Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrrrrry Pickles!

July 25, 2008

Today is Christmas-in-July.  Robot Boy and I have celebrated this made-up holiday for a number of years,  although I can’t remember when or why we started.  Usually, we just swap cards, maybe get each other a little gift (a book, maybe, or some chocolates), and we’ll play some weird carols like you’d find on this album.  This year, we decided that the camera we bought a couple weeks ago was our gift to ourselves, and instead, we’re just going to meet at a bar in the neighborhood and have a few pints and play Tetris.  Positively jolly, if you ask me.

Today is also the day that I first taste-tested the dill pickles I made on the 17th.  The recipe, which is the easiest thing ever, is one of the types of pickles my mom canned from a family recipe when I was kid because we always had a garden, and we always had waaay more produce than we could eat.  So I helped can beans, tomatos, squash, jams, and fucktons of pickles.  I only like the dill ones, but she also make bread-and-butters (can someone explain the name to me?) and sweet pickles.

Anyway, I lurv dill pickles, and I have yet to find a brand that is as good as the ones on my childhood.  I could eat an entire pint jar of pickles as a snack when I was younger, and I have been trying to recapture the deliciousness of those heady pickle days.  So when I got a big bunch of cucumbers from our CSA, I thought I’d try it.  I don’t have the equipment to properly heat seal the jar, but since it was just a quart-worth, they’re fine just hanging out in the fridge.  I used an old pickle jar (not good pickles), and sliced up the cukes, made the brine, and added the dill and garlic, and stuff, and then had to wait for them to, well, pickle a bit.

I decided to do spears rather than chips because the slicing was much quicker and I didn’t want to wash my mandoline.  Anyway, they look just about right, and the texture is excellent, because they’re not really cooked and so stay nice and crunchy.  The flavor is good, but isn’t yet fully developed.  The flavor would probably be better if they were chips w/ more surface area exposed to the brine.  Next time.  I’m getting more stuff from the CSA tomorrow; if there are another load of cukes, I’ll do that, ’cause I can’t eat raw cucumbers fast enough to keep them from going off.  If you have any good suggestions on how else to use them, I’m all ears.  And if you want my great aunt’s recipe, I’ll share.

And if you’re bored with pickles, here’s a cute picture of Orange Cat:

Merry Xmas-in-July.  Have a good weekend.


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