Unga! More! Unga! Enough!

August 1, 2008

We made burritos last night (grilled red pepper and zucchini, black beans, lettuce, rice, sour cream, salsa and cheddar) and I CANNOT STOP EATING.  Unga!  More!

In other news, this commercial, which is on ALL THE TIME is driving me nuts:

I guess they’re going for “You’ll have so much fun here, you’ll think about us all the time!”, but to me, it’s a total failure.   The editing, the guy’s wary look, and most of all the ominous music make it seem like those one-armed bandits have come to life, hitched a ride down the NY State Thru-way, and are going to chase you down and beat the living shit out of you for stealing a plastic cup full of their nickles.

Do not want.  Unga.  Enough.


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