Note to self.

August 3, 2008

Dearheart, you have a freakishly low tolerance for caffeine.  You know this.  You allow yourself ONE can or glass of your beloved, delicious Diet Coke a day, for this every reason.  You don’t have ANYTHING caffeinated after 3 pm, or you can’t sleep for shit.

So, what made you think that drinking almost TWO QUARTS of iced tea in 6 hours wouldn’t give you the shakes and head-spins?  You are an idiot who, having ignored your own typically good sense, is now having difficulty typing this memo coherently.  You are an idiot.  Please, back away from the refrigerator, and do not attempt to use scissors or tools, Spazzy McJitters.


One comment

  1. man, have I been there. only, with coffee. the caffeine shakes are the worst!

    oh, and there was the time I accidentally drank almost the entire contents of a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke while writing a paper last fall. me smart.

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