Should you find a spare $200 lying around…

August 12, 2008

Hie thee to Pure Food & Wine, and have a three-hour dinner, like we did last night.  The superlatives do not yet exist to adequately express the fineness of their food.

Please also note that we did not have $200 lying around, but the cousin of one of our recent guests is a manager there, and we were given extra special treatment, like free champagne to start and dessert wine to close, nearly half-a-dozen free extra dishes for the table to share, incredibly attentive service, and an impressive discount on what we actually DID order. 

It was amazing, top to bottom, and I have two new favorite foods: pickled leek jam and apricots poached in Muscat.  The latter gave me goosebumps with every bite.

RB and I decided to celebrate our next anniversary there, and thus should start saving up now.

Bonus wine recommendation:  Parducci Pinot Noir.  2006, I think.  Outstanding.


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