Flying Solo

August 13, 2008

RB is headed west to visit with family and friends over a long weekend.  I will be holding down the fort from Thursday to Monday, and I am both looking forward to it, and dreading it a bit.

I love RB quite ridiculously, but there are moments (like when he asks me where to find something in his own goddamn house) when I think “why don’t you live somewhere else, like downstairs?” so in some ways, I’ll enjoy the freedom of pretending to live alone for a few days, even though I know I’ll miss him like crazy, too.  After all, there will be no one there to hear my various witty remarks!

I can’t remember the last time this happened.  Usually, I’m the one who’s taking off for a quick trip somewhere, and RB is the one bach-ing it.  He always moans and groans about how all he’ll do while I’m gone is eat and stay up too late watching crappy TV, but he likes those things, so I don’t see what the problem is.  Maybe this weekend I’ll find out, since I’m not making any big plans.*

On the docket:  seeing Mamma Mia!, dropping by my department office to retrieve notes on my chapters from a committee member, changing the sheets, hitting the produce stand, and maybe sewing a laundry bag to replace the one that keeps ripping.  Oh, and trying to get back on the daily writing plan.  The only unusual activity scheduled is pricing things for a stoop sale we’re having the following weekend (JS, you’ve inspired me!).

I feel like I should do something nutty or atypical, but honestly, I can’t think of anything (suggestions welcome).  Even though it’s kind of embarrassing to admit it (like, shouldn’t I be LIVIN’ 2 THA X-TREEEM!!! ?), I like my life pretty much the way it is.

*ETA that I totally forgot that I may go to a Jezebel Meet-Up on Friday.  If I don’t chicken out (buck-buck!).


One comment

  1. do not chicken out! if there were Jezebel meetups in Crapsville, Ohio, I would totally go!

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