August 15, 2008

After all the food and cooking posts I’ve done, you might think that I’m a foodie.  Okay, I am: I’m making fresh pesto, black bean pico de gallo, and pickled beets today.  But I’m not a food snob. 

Witness today’s breakfast:  Cookie Crisp.  Two giant bowls of it.  We are usually a healthy-twig cereal family–Kashi, Amaranth Flakes, etc–and certainly “sugar cereals” were not a regular part of my childhood.  But I found CC on sale for $2 on Thursday night and jumped on it.

And I will probably eat the whole box before RB returns.  For breakfast, for dinner, for snacks.  And I’m not sure why it’s so satisfying.  It doesn’t actually taste like chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate anything.  It’s just sweet and crunchy and completely devoid of nutritional value.

As I was eating, I noticed that the new spokes-character  on the box appears to be a wolf, which is totally confusing.  Wolves like cookies, apparently.  Worse yet,  the current slogan: “The cereal that will turn your hat upside down.”  Um…what?  That doesn’t even make sense as an idiom.  Never have I experienced something so tasty–or good or impressive or scary or whatever–and said “wow, that just turned my hat upside down!”  Advertising:  FAIL.

Magic Cookies!

Magic Cookies!


Wikipedia has this entry on CC, detailing the different mascots and slogans.  Awww, Cookie Jarvis!*  He was the best, and since I rarely got CC at home, the idea of a wizard who could summon it with a wave of his wand was very appealing to me.

General Mills needs to get some better ad-men.  And I need to get some more Cookie Crisp.

 *As I was looking at this later, I realized that Cookie Jarvis kinda looks like my dissertation director.  Coincidence?  You decide.


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