Social PostMortem

August 16, 2008

I didn’t chicken out.  I went to the meet-up last night, and with a few small exceptions (like the overpriced beer and other patrons going “WOOOOOO!”), it was a good time.  A big storm blew through last night, so as I was walking from the subway to the bar I got kinda soggy and managed to lose a flipflop (only for a moment) in the middle of West 55th, but I got there.  There were only about 15 minutes of uuhhhh.  Awkward.  And umm stilted?  Conversation…  before the drinks kicked in and/or everyone got over the strangeness of “meeting” people you already kinda-sorta “know.”

Introductions were particularly odd, because you ended up introducing yourself twice:  first with your real name, and then, when asked, with your avatar.  And when you say “PhDork” or whatever (what I post under there, it predates this blog), that’s when others “recognize” you:  “Oh, hi!”  And you just hope that the “Oh” sounds like the “Oh” in “Oh cool!” and not the “Oh” in “Oh dear.”   

So I talked to (avatars) Becky Sharper, Pilgrim Soul, Tokenblackgirl, Mac Loserboy, briar dahl, Robotninjaspy, HelloDarlin’ and Roodles, and (real names) Amanda, Megan, and Maria Mercedes, among others.  It’s hard enough to keep names straight at any party, but two sets of names made it extra challenging.

All that said, it was fun.  I was nervous that I, in my jeans-and-t-shirt uniform, would be surrounded by impossibly glossy cool kids in amazing clothes, throwing around lots of money and generally being fabulous, but everyone was pretty…normal.  And I mean that in the best possible way.  Different shapes and sizes and colors and styles and ages (Well, most of them were younger than me, but I’ma ol’ lady, so whatever).  But all educated and intelligent and socially- and politically-engaged, and that’s hard to beat.

And when I got home, I noticed that my hair looked okay (especially considering the weather), I didn’t have anything stuck in my teeth, so we’re going to file this under “success.”


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