Feeling like my stuff: cheap and used.

August 21, 2008

I was just reading this NYT article, and while I don’t own anything half so interesting as Napoleon’s penis, I do have a lot of crap, and this weekend, we’re going to try to sell it, on the cheap.

I’ve organized a sidewalk sale with a few other people in our building for this weekend, and I’m afraid that it’s going to be a huge wash:  someone else is in charge of printing and distributing poster/flyers (my job is macro-organization and on-line marketing), and I have no evidence that anything has happened on that front.  Another of the sellers just flaked out (“it’s not worth my time,” says she), and I’m just kinda waiting for the whole thing to collapse like cardboard box left out in the rain, because the others are going to leave it all up to me.

So, do I attempt to go on a last-minute poster-spree?  Throttle the Flake, or just say “fine, if you’re just going to throw your stuff out, give it to me, now, and I’ll sell it for profit.”?  Or screw that, and just keep going through all this junk, cleaning it, organizing it, pricing it, and babysitting it, only to make maaaaybe $20, and then still have to haul to Goodwill or post it on Craigslist? 

I’m sure that’s what the Flake was thinking.  Fuck that.  I want the stuff out of my house, this will help get it out.  Making a little extra cash is gravy.

Fingers crossed.  Come out and buy my stuff?  Saturday, rain or shine!


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