Sold Out.

August 24, 2008

Yesterday was a long one.  We were up before 8 (ON A SATURDAY.) to make sure we were ready to lauch the Stoop Sale at 10.  Our original plan was to have 4 different households from the building selling, but as I mentioned last time, one person flaked out a couple days ago.  Saturday morning found just two households on the sidewalk, hawking our tawdry wares.  After the sale, I found an email from the other flake (“Oops, sorry!  Giggle!”), who apparently couldn’t even be arsed to come downstairs on Saturday and apologize like an adult.  Color me unsurprised that the people who did what they said they would were couples in their 30s, and the flakes were just out of college.  Giggle!

The other sellers were very cool, and we had a nice day out on the street.  The weather was ideal, we had some good tunes, and we both made a little money.  They did better than we, since they were selling in anticipation of an international move and had a number of big ticket items, like bikes and furniture, but we ended up making $100, which is more than I thought we’d get.

But there’s plenty of detritus to deal with.  Mostly books.  I thought those would move, but I think we only sold one.  No CDs sold, either (the digital domain is firmly in place).  But boy howdy, did the mismatched flatware fly! (Which: WTF?)

My Spanish skills, clumsy though they are, came in very handy, and probably brought a little business that we might otherwise have missed.  Adding out loud en Espanol is hard; I’m math-deficient enough in my native tongue.  But we did unload some things, we did make a little cash, and perhaps best of all, RB is more on-board with clearing out the clutter than I’ve ever seen him.  Which is to say he’s on-board at all; usually he’s more likely to wail “You can’t get rid of that yellow polyester cowl-neck caftan you never wear!  I love that thing!” than volunteer to go through the closet or bureau.  Now he’s all psyched to list things on Amazon and reap the (sometimes meager) profits.  We’ll call it a success, I guess.  We haven’t decided what do to with the cash.

After the sale, we dragged stuff upstairs, ate a junk-sale of a lunch (cold leftover felafel, pickled beets and chevre, olives, red pepper strips and carrots, sesame crackers) collapsed into a profound late-afternoon nap, did some sorting and cleaning, then went over to extreme western Williamsburg for a late-night roofdeck party.

We did a little chatting with the few people we knew, but basically just sat, enjoying the 350-degree view (a new building blocked a bit of lower Manhattan), making Statler-and-Waldorffian comments to each other, and getting slowly but seriously hammered on Stoli & 7s.

Today is hurty.


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