Brief Thoughts on the DNC, Night 1

August 26, 2008

1.  They’re choosing good music (“Are You Gonna Go My Way?” is genius), but they’re using a schmaltzy house band that’s making everything sound alike.

2.  The media is making a MUCH bigger deal out of PUMAs and “Hillary Harridans” and other bullshit misogynist tropes than is warranted.  Are there a few wrong-headed people out there who are going to vote for McCain because their candidate didn’t get the nom?  Yes.  Are their numbers significant?  I seriously doubt it, as no one has been able to offer anything other than anecdotes.  Does relentlessly profiling them do ANYTHING to help the cause of party unity?  Hell no.  Shut up, punditry.

3.  The emotional tugs (Ted Kennedy, Mrs. Robinson, Malia and Sasha) are wildly unsubtle.  Although I guess if there’s a time to pull out all the stops, this is it.

4.  RB and I agreed that if this election is to be won on charisma, Michelle Obama hit it out of the park last night.

5.  God, I wish I was still teaching public speaking.  These conventions are chock-a-block with golden examples.

6.  Memo to the world:  “Barack Obama” is no longer “a funny name.”


One comment

  1. The Democrats seem disconnected to voters.

    Putting Pelosi first drove me away from watching what followed.
    I am not kidding.

    When Pelosi began telling how great congress did I had to get up and leave the room, only passing though at intervals to get glimpses at what followed.

    The Clintons will probably be the same.

    The idea was to present the candidates, which Pelosi and the Clintons are the worst possible spokespersons for.

    The Democrats vastly underestimate the revulsion independents at least have toward Pelosi selling out the constitution and the dirty tricks/grab for power of Hillary.

    This is an election that is the Democrats to lose after the unhappy administration and activities of the Republicans.

    It seems almost impossible for voters to continue on with more of the same under the Republicans.

    Yet, to tell you the truth- rather than tell anything about the Democratic candidates, the DNC is putting up people to drive voters from even listening.

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