Brief Thoughts on the DNC, Night 2

August 27, 2008

I missed quite a bit of it, due to a department event, and then a phone conversation with my dad, whose 67th birthday was yesterday.  But from what I did see/hear:

1.  Kathleen Sebelius is a seriously awesome dame.  I think RB has a little crush on her.

2. Mark Warner, while not the most skillful orator, did pretty well.  I liked what he had to say more than how he said it.  Although he kind of looks like a caricature of a handsome man; everything’s a little too exaggerated:  too many teeth, too-prominent bone structure, too-swoopy hair. 

3.  Patrick Deval did a better job all the way around (why was Warner the “featured speaker,” anyway?), but looked a little heavily made-up.  And “I grew up on the South Side of Chicago” has been said so many times that it’s starting to sound like “…uphill, both ways!” to me.

4.  PBS’s coverage is better than the other major networks (we don’t have cable), but it’s still a total sausage-fest.  Less Jim Lehrer, more Gwen Ifill, please!

5.  I can’t bear to read any MSM coverage today–there is going to be a whole lot of shite speculation about What Hillary Did Wrong, or What Hillary Could’ve Done Better, or Why Hillary Eats Babies.  I just can’t go there today.

6.  My heart was just pounding throughout her speech.  I’ve never understood the frothing Hillary- or Clinton-hate–simply don’t get what other people are seeing or projecting (and please don’t try to “explain” it in comments, I’ve heard it all before)–and I just cried and laughed and thought “What a woman.  What a fucking presidential woman.”  She was amazing.  The jokes, the digs at McCain and Bush, the invocation of the 19th Amendment, the tributes to Tubbs Jones and Gwaltney,  the New York references, the brilliant use of Harriet Tubman’s urging to “keep going,” and the unmistakable message in her question: “Were you in this for me?”  It was fantastic.  Obama better bring it on Thursday, ’cause that’s a hard act to follow.


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