Insanely Brief Thoughts on the DNC, Night 4

August 29, 2008

I’m headed out of town today, so:

1.  I don’t think using a stadium, as opposed to the convention center, was such a good idea.  The audio was echo-y and dissipated, security had to be a MUCH bigger hassle,  and dude:  no balloon drop.

2.  Gore was lookin’ good, but rushed through much of his speech.  I am curious what role he might take, if any, under an Obama administration.  I’m counting on him to put the heat on (heh heh) both government and industry in the years ahead.

3.  Obama did well, and it was a well-crafted speech with a quite impressive array of emotional and tactical shifts.  There were a few glitches, and my inner speech teacher was taking notes (You’re avoiding looking directly into the camera, Barry; dont forget your biggest audience is watching you on TV, etc.), but still:  this is your president, folks. 

4.  Best line of the night:  “I want a president who puts Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney.”  He didn’t write it, but still.  I’m a sucker for chiasmus.  (See also:  Bill’s “power of our example/example of our power” number on Wednesday.)

5.  Stevie Wonder:  Oh, dear.


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