Wrung Out.

September 2, 2008

I’m finished with the family-half of my week-long trip, and have now transitioned into the research-half.  After the exhausting first part, I kinda wanna hole up in my horrible little hotel room with a pizza and some crappy cable, but I only have 3 days, and there are spectacles aren’t going to evaluate themselves from a scholarly perspective!  A few random thoughts, since that’s all I got time for:

1. Sarah Palin.  Jeezus.

2.  I am one of the skinniest people here in this, my research destination.  And I am NOT skinny.

3.  I do not recommend Red Roof Inns.

4.  Mom is better–but we’re not sure what exactly is wrong, beyond a lot of Premature Atrial Contractions.  Stress test is this week.

5.  I had the pleasure of telling my brother that he may still be bigger than I am, but I’m smarter, and I’m not afraid of him anymore.  I think I’ve been waiting fifteen years to say that.

6.  This week might be a good way to break my insatiable internet addiction.  We shall see.


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