Big sigh.

September 6, 2008

I’m home again.  Got back last night, and the lovely Robot who lives with me made me dinner, drew me a bath, and gave me a footrub.  I was glad to be home, but that made it even better.  It also helped me ignore the various “duh” things he ignored for a week (watering plants, putting away the last of the stoop-sale stuff from TWO WEEKS AGO, etc.). 

I’m exhausted today, with no energy to regale the internet with any of a number of ridiculous tales or cute photographs of my very sweet nephew, and no caffeine in the house to help me fake my way through it.  Soon, soon.  And then I’ll need to get rocketing off on planning the next trip (blissfully short, that one).

Today is a post-travel hangover day, intended for unpacking and catching up on mail, napping, eating healthier food than I’ve had in a week, and figuring out what to do with the 3 pounds of tomatoes we got from our CSA.

It was mostly a good trip (mom’s ER fiasco and my brother’s explosive temper notwithstanding), and I got a huge amount of research done that I’ll need to turn from scrawly notes into processed, usable text, but that’s well-begun, if not half done.  More news to come, friends.


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