If they asked me, I could write a book. And even if they didn’t.

September 8, 2008

I made a quart of fresh salsa yesterday while listening to Pal Joey (which is being revived this year with Martha Plimpton, on whom I have a ridiculous crush). The salsa is tasty, but a little heavy on the onion and cilantro.  That is, I woke up with the taste of onion in my mouth, which is beyond gross.  I think, as we eat it, I will use the remaining tomatos (yes, there are EVEN YET STILL MORE) to mellow it out.  If you are in the NY Metro area and in need of salsa, let me know.

We went to see Hamlet 2 last night, which, while definitely not a well-crafted movie (the threadbare “plot” is all over the place, serious talents are wasted, and there are a few too many cheap gags), is pretty damn funny, especially for those of us who were/are drama geeks.  I don’t think anything can unseat Waiting for Guffman as the Best Parody Evar!, but I will have the song “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” stuck in my head for days.  I’m still “simultaneously horrified and fascinated” that Steve Coogan’s Jesus looks like a cross between Kid Rock and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

But today is Back to Bidness Day.  I still have tons of notes to transcribe, a book or two to process (that is, read and gather relevant notes from), and photos to sort and label from my trip.  I have got to get moving on this dissertation.

I will likely bore you all to death with details of that trip once most of the work is done, because you wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen/done this last week (two highlights:  watching an “Immigrant Hoedown” and eating a slice of Jim and Lori Bakker’s 10th wedding anniversary cake), but for now, enjoy another picture of my nephew, who is a jolly little fellow, if somewhat lacking in table manners:

Rice Cereal is Yummy.

Rice Cereal is Yummy.


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