I am saddened

September 17, 2008

…by the lack of comments.  I can think of three people who check this occasionally, and they alone cannot be expected to carry the burden of responding with heart and wit.  Neither can they be checking it 8-10 times a day (if so:  seek help), so there must be others stopping by.  

Do feel free to introduce yourself, or tell me I’m cracked, or what-have-you.



  1. Hi. I’m reader number three. Still out here, still reading– but I’ve got you in a reader, so your stats are probably not picking me up.

    Also, you are cracked. One of your many virtues.

  2. I guess I’m reader 4. Do not be sad. Stick with those seven deadly sins.

  3. can I be #2? excellent. here’s my excuse: I’ve been speed-reading your posts, saying in my head “gotta remember to go back, re-read, and comment,” and then somewhere in the cuckoo world that is my brain, crap goes poof. I think it’s something to do with the fact that I’m back in classes, and my attention span outside the classroom has for some reason taken on the characteristics of that of a gnat’s.

    it’s a problem.

  4. You are my three readers, and I lurv you all. So, thanks for sayin’ hello. Now, if I can hear from others…

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