Social Butterfly

September 25, 2008

You know that butterflies eat carrion and poo and stuff, right?  I’m not that kind of butterfly.  But I do have a full social calendar this week.  I hope I can pause my currently incessant nose-blowing in order to enjoy:

  •  A department happy hour tonight, followed by a drink-enhanced musical sing-a-long for a big gay friend’s big gay birthday. 
  • Tomorrow’s Debate (or now, Not a Debate, Because McCain is the Cowardliest Coward who ever Cowered) Party w/ some smart wimminz I like a lot and don’t see enough.  I am baking a pie.  RB wants to come, but isn’t invited.
  • Saturday night’s super schmancy highrise-terrace cocktail/birthday party for a friend I haven’t seen in far too long.  I have mixed feelings about this event, because I will surrounded by a lot of people I don’t know, and it requires dressing up in like, heels and stuff.  I better get some action if I put in all that effort.
  • And Sunday’s long-overdue catch-up afternoon w/ my Flava Fav, which is always a good time.  There Will be Fries.

And next weekend, there’s even more stuff to enjoy!  Schluetermetz is comin’ to town, and then I’m going to see a play (complete with sodomy and baby-eatin’!) with a bunch of people from my department.  And the next weekend I head to Canada.  And then it’s the middle of October and I’ll fall down dead from exhaustion.  Dead butterfly.


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