Update #1

October 1, 2008

RB has been obliging me by taking our little modem box-thingy, so I can’t use the internet during the work day.  It hasn’t been as hard to go without the ‘net as I thought.  This is a good thing.  The bad thing is that I still am coming up with ways of procrastinating.  I haven’t solved the core problem, I’ve just taken away one of my favorite toys.  That said, I have written more than usual (that is, a couple of pages, so don’t bust out the champagne yet), so I’m planning on keeping it up, at least this week, since work doesn’t need to reach me.  Every step forward is step forward, right?

In other news, I found out that some BS measure that some Provost cooked up late last fall means that I don’t get tuition remission as part of my job anymore.  This was news to me and a number of my colleagues, who were never informed of this change in advance, and are now all WTF? when we get angry letters asking for money.  So, although the national economic crisis means almost nothing to me (since I’m not a homeover and have no retirement or nvestments, etc., now I’m flipping about about digging up some $700+ for the privilege of not taking classes and occasionally e-mailing my committee.

Good thing I already went ahead and bought those fucking awesome boots I wanted.  I had a $50 gift card that was going to expire in October and I didn’t want to let it go to waste.  I’m not wearing them out, since I haven’t finished my chapter, but dude, they are even more amazingly ass-kickin’ than I thought.  I wanted a particular color, so I ended up going with a slightly different style than I originally thought:

Awwwww, yeeaaaahhhh.

Awwwww, yeeaaaahhhh.

 So that’s my news.  What’s up with y’all?



  1. I keep forgetting to let you know that I can’t wait to see those ass-kickin’ boots in action!

  2. I shall wear them to your natal celebration.

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