Nice. Not Nice.

October 17, 2008

I had a rather high-stakes project come to fruition today at my job (sorta–there will be more fruit later, but go with me), and I’m glad to report that it went quite well.  The faculty member I was working with was very pleased with the results, and the students seemed to respond with interest and appreciation.  Nice.

In the early-morning shuffle, however, as we were making sure our various media resources were working, we opened Windows Media Player on a computer in a student computer lab, and were assaulted with hardcore, interracial pr0n (egad, I don’t want to know what sort of traffic that phrase might bring).  While I am not ideologically opposed to the use of pornography by consenting adults–though I have puh-lenty of problems with its pervasive misogyny and the often-abusive realities of its production–I cannot understand under what circumstances one would feel the need to watch it in a public venue.  Under fluorescent lights.  At school.  And then leave the file operative so that the next user is subjected to it in a high-stress, pre-caffienated state.  Not Nice.


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