Dialogue & a Song

October 22, 2008

I’ve been in a pretty craptacular mood lately, and so I sat down and had a talk with myself, that went a little something like this:

Wroth:  See here, Wroth, you need to get a grip.  You’re having a bit of a rough patch, true, but even though you feel like a failure and a wastrel, your problems, if you look at them, are the problems of an insanely privileged person. 

Wroth:  …yeah.  I know.

Wroth:  Right, so here’s the deal.  You’ve had a couple days to sulk and stew, but now’s the time to act.  Payday is tomorrow, so get a handle on finances then.  Then update your files for your presentation on Friday, and then get on that conference paper.  You’ve gotten as far as you have because you’ve never really thrown in the towel, you’ve just wadded it up in your pocket for a little while.  We can talk about how you’re considering a major change in the structure of your dissertation later.  Get back to the salt mines.  And pardon my mixed metaphors.

Wroth:  …yeah.  Okay.  I know.

Wroth:  And just to show I’m not all tough-love, watch this first:

Wroth:  …thanks.  *hugs*  Maude Bless You, CuteOverload.


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