Wherein I Canvas My Readers.

November 18, 2008

I am faced with another dilemma.  This one, about Thanksgiving plans.

Robot Boy is going back to his family for the food-fest, since we have elected NOT to go home for Xmas this year, and he has eldery grandparents and a large extended family that he’d like to see.  I will be staying here in New York and, according to a recent, ill-conceived plan, doing a a crappy job “finishing” a crappy version of the crappy chapter that I need to give to my chair, in whatever crappy form, at some point in this crappy, crappy semester.  The idea is that with him gone from Wednesday to Monday, I can go into super-mega-lockdown mode and knock it out with minimal distractions.

The question then becomes:  what do I do, if anything, for Thanksgiving?  I’ve been casually invited to 2 or 3 “Orphan Thanksgiving” celebrations that friends, or friends-of-friends, are having, but I haven’t heard anything more recently.    I’ve also considered having my own feast, by making a few of my favorites (whether they’re Thanksgiving “classics” or not) and setting a pretty table and cracking open a bottle of wine for one.  Lastly, there is a part of my that really wants to go to the wall with the super-mega-lockdown thing, totally ignore No-Turkey Day (I’m vegetarian, if I hadn’t already made that clear at some point) and just order take-out when hungry and eat out of boxes and cartons all weekend.  So…


One comment

  1. The only thing standing between you and the end of that crappy chapter is a few boxes of sugary crap cereal and a gallon of milk. You’ll be full of thanks later!

    (But then, I’m a Thanksgiving scrooge. There’s just something about “Yay! We came to your land mass! Thanks for the corn! Now we’re going to kill off your people and culture, give you smallpox, and move you to a barren wasteland! Happy Thanksgiving!” that rubs me raw.)

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