I am why gift cards are popular.

November 24, 2008

I’m staying here for Thanksgiving, and, currently, I’m thinking a blitzkrieg of work, fueled by pizza and Cocoa Puffs,  is the way to go.  And, of course, if I don’t do a proper Thanksgiving Thursday, then doing a proper Black Friday of shopping is also out.  Although this is not really a big deal, as fighting crowds for “Hecho en Chine” consumer goods ranks somewhere around getting a dental cleaning.  Except that I need a dental cleaning, and I don’t need to be jostled by stangers and blasted w/ “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” ever again.

RB’s family has once again asked me to compose a list, which I’ve been trying to do.  It includes exciting things like “a jar of yeast,” since we bake most of our own bread, and the jars are much easier and cost-effective to use, but are hard to find in New York.

The two “nice” things that would like are a Le Creuset dutch oven and a black cashmere sweater, but both of those are a little pricey, and so I really don’t expect them.  Inbetween “jar of yeast” and “fancy french cookware,” I’m having to pad the list with books I’d like to read but don’t have time for, and useful but highly un-fun things like insoles and a kitchen timer that works (ours has been dropped one too many times).

I’m not in the holiday mood.  And this is just thinking about stuff for me; I haven’t even gotten lists from family yet.

In comments, please remind me why Christmas doesn’t suck (oh, right:  cookies!), and/or what you want in your stocking.


One comment

  1. Christmas does suck. No one in my house needs a damn thing. And HL, partially because we have protected him from kid-TV-advertising and partially because he’s just that kind of kid, wants nothing. It’s making his grandparents crazy. What will they do if they can’t buy piles of useless stuff? How can they possibly show their love?

    (I would not be sad if Santa left a pair of Fluevogs under the tree for me. However, Santa probably doesn’t have that kind of cash reserve this year.)

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