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Another moral failing to add to the list.

December 1, 2008

I make promises to myself all the time about what I’ll get accomplished in a given day.  I break fully 90% of those promises.  I see two alternatives:

1)  Quit making promises altogether, because the repeated failure is not good for my self-image.

2)  Keep making these promises, because I’ll achieve even less without them.

I’m much better at keeping promises to other people, but since I’m the only one who really knows/cares how my dissertation is going, no one is going to ask me to promise anything, or be disappointed if I fail to come through on a promise.  RB probably is the only other person with a serious stake in my progress, and he’s got his own crap to monitor, and is not the type to pressure me.

I wish he were, because kicking my own ass isn’t working.