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‘Tis the season…for awkwardness.

December 9, 2008

I got my first Christmas gift today, and I’m feeling extra weird about it.

First of all, although it’s quite a beautiful thing, it’s not something I really need or would ever ask for. Second, I think it’s pretty extravagant. It’s a handmade (mouthblown, whatever) vase by this local glass artist who sells his stuff at Barney’s, fercryinoutloud, and who does not list prices on his website. Third of all, I will probably ruin it, especially if I have any more freak-outs.  Or one of the cats will manage to knock it over. (this is where RB would fake-fuss: “this is why we can’t have nice things!”)

I was planning on giving a gift to this giver, anyway, but it was along the lines of “nice foodstuffs,” not “high-end craft objet d’art.

I will of course send a gracious thank-you note, and the it’s the thought that counts, and this giver is quite able to afford schmancy gifts for colleagues (can you say “multiple NYC properties and a summer house in the Hamptons”?), but hoo-boy, I’m feeling like a clod right now.