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December 18, 2008

I keep seeing ads for this new Brad Pitt picture…something something Benjamin Button.  I’ve not read reviews, I haven’t seen any features on it, but all I can think about this Oscar-baiting film, upon seeing the tv ads, is:  this thing sounds like Forrest Gump 2.0, but instead of the eponymous dude being developmentally disabled, he ages in reverse.

I won’t see it, but I predict:

–a historical survey of American life

–pop tunes that are emblematic of the various eras presented

–a woman who slips in and out of our hero’s life, but who only really loves him, and who dies in a tender fashion

–at least one already-hackneyed, t-shirt-ready phrase (a la “life is like a box of chocolates”)

–a magic negro

–episodic narrative propelled by slurpy voice-over bumpers

–failure of the Bechdel Test

Anything else I’m forgetting?