Last Day of the Last Year (navel-gazing).

December 31, 2008

Last year at this time, I was blogging at a social networking site which I now check rarely, having traded up.  The resolutions I made then were as follows:

1.  Dissertation–obvious.


2.  Debt Elimination–also obvious.  I’m usually good with money, but had some unusual expenses in ’07 that left me with some debt.


3.  Purgation–this was about cleaning out closets and such; getting rid of the dead weight of stuff.


4.  Natation–I vowed to start swimming as a form of exercise/relaxation. 


5.  Cupcation–a fake word to indicate my plans to make a batch of cupcakes each month.



My resolution runners-up were Visitation (to see my dad), Vegetation (to join a CSA this summer), Fornication (duh), and Graduation (a long shot, but what that hell?).


I did a monthly report  at that blog until July, when the combination of my move over here and the progress (or lack thereof ) led me to drop it.  I did get some things done in each category:  I finished a chapter and got neck-deep into another before it went haywire, I paid off my debt and kept up w/ my savings plan, we got rid of a lot of stuff via a stoop sale and donations, I swam regularly for several months, and I made about 9 batches of cupcakes, all told.  But of course, I didn’t get through the chapter I really wanted to finish, we’ve brought more stuff into the house, I didn’t swim for the vast majority of the year, and I front-loaded a lot of those cupcakes.   And I also had bit blow-up with my brother, freak-outs about my work, and a lot of general malaise that comes from being aware of the world’s general fucked-up-ness.


I also presented at a number of conferences and travelled to interesting places,  I saw a lot of my family, including my dad, did a lot of cooking with the fresh produce from the CSA, integrated a new cat into the family, I met a lot of excellent women and have begun new friendships with them, got in touch with old friends, too,  blogged regularly, threw a few little parties, did well (enough) at my job, completed a reasonable amount of preparation for going on the job market, and, despite the inevitable bumps of everyday life,  kept my relationship with Robot Boy strong (getting off BCP was a good decision, I think).


Was it a good year?  I suppose.  I am healthy, solvent, well-partnered and well-friended.  It was also a frustrating year, as I struggled with the Dissertation and it’s evil twin, Procrastination, as well as various confidence issues related to working, getting older and questioning my past and future choices.  I do hope ’09 will be better.  Tomorrow, I’ll muse about how I can make it so.




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