First Day of the New Year (future-gazing)

January 1, 2009

Herewith, my brief astrological outlook for 2009:  “You’ll devote much of your time and energy to the task of bringing to a successful conclusion the projects which you have your heart set on. But some unexpected obstacles will slow down their realization and put your patience to the rough test. Also, you’ll often be set against yourself for you will have too much ambition and will forgive yourself no weakness, no shortcoming. Try to be less tense, and you’ll be promptly rewarded as this year the stars will greatly favor patience and tenacity.”

Italics mine.

Well, if that don’t beat all.  I’ve spent the last week or so ruminating about 2009, and what it might bring.  And I am determined that it will bring the completion of my dissertation, if for no other reason that I am so very tired of the grind and, moreover, the shame of ABD.  So that’s my resolution:  to write finish my dissertation.  Even if it kills me.

I considered adding other things, like to get all of my old papers out of my mother’s basement, or to exercise, or to quit swearing so much, or to work on my posture, but those things are really not very important to me.  What is important is that I win out over myself, and my demons of defeat and neglect.

And with that in mind, and with 364 days on the clock (today was not terribly auspicious; we were awakened @ 10 by the insistent screeching of our carbon monoxide detector, and shortly thereafter, our 8.5 foot tall Xmas tree took a spectacular header; a large portion of the day was devoted to dealing with the fall-out of these two events), I will make monthly resolutions as well, and post them here at the beginning of each month.

This month’s resolution:  to finish Chapter 4 and turn it in to my committee chair by Saturday, January 31.  It will be bad, it will be incomplete, it will need heavy revisions, but it will be done and out of my hands for the nonce.  If I can’t complete this task, “unexpected obstacles” not withstanding, then I quite frankly don’t deserve a Ph.D., and I’ll spend the rest of the year figuring out what I am qualified to do.

Fingers crossed.  Here we go.


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