Things That I Should Know By Now (Holiday Edition)

January 3, 2009

1.  Men over 50 like nothing more than to tell me How Things Are (Bad Cop and Robot Dad, I’m looking directly at you). 

2.  Regardless of what I put on my Xmas list or otherwise express, my mother will get me one or two gifts that she really likes.

3.  I should never have my hair in a ponytail when pictures are to be taken. 

4.  You can never be sure what sort of impression you’ve made with someone.  Don’t assume you’re invisible.

5.  I shouldn’t ignore an opportunity for scrumpin’  just because I’m “a little sleepy.”

6.  Shocking, but true:  the more I ham it up for a photo, the less stupid I’m going to look.

7.  My feminism will be misunderstood by my older family members to mean  “I think all men are stupid jerks, ha ha ha.”

8.  People who have exclusively lived in single-family houses simply do not understand that New York apartment dwellers can’t just acquire things willy-nilly.  WE DO NOT HAVE THE SPACE TO STORE STUFF, no matter how “good a deal” it is.

9.  I will procrastinate starting anything that takes more than 5 minutes to complete.  It is my nature.

10.  Robot Boy is better at starting projects (usually multiple projects) than finishing them.  It is his nature.

*I’m trying to figure out how to make #s 9 and 10 work together.  I’m better at finishing things than starting them, so maybe if RB can get things going, I’ll be able to wrap them up?  Hmmm,  how can I get him to write parts of my dissertation?


One comment

  1. woman, my visit with family during Xmas was ALL about #7 on your list. i’m still smarting from it.

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