To be clear

January 16, 2009

Thank you all for you kind words, but I am not “taking a break” from writing. 

“Taking a break” implies a choice.  I am unable to write.  I am unable to open the necessary Word document–or hell, any Word document–without welling up, getting nauseous, and then fleeing my desk.

This reaction has been going on, with increasing frequency and severity, for several months.  I have been failing at this chapter, this project, for almost eight months now.  Eight loathesome, failure-filled months.  I could have nearly gestated a failure baby by now.  Or rather, I have, I am, and I have to decide to do with the monstrous, hateful thing when it finally decides it’s fully done.  That’s what I hope this therapist can help me with.  Right now, it’s just a parasite I have to carry around.


One comment

  1. Umm… At least a failure baby won’t leave you pooping yourself?

    Hope the therapist thing goes well.

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