Living The Dream

January 25, 2009

RB and I have lovely friends.

Among these lovely friends are people who have recently upgraded some of their belongings, and were needing to get rid of the “old stuff” (which wasn’t terribly old).

Wroth to the rescue!  Yesterday, we scored a 30″ TV (not HD or digital or newfangled in any particular way) and a sah-weet couch w/ a fold-out bed. RB was more jazzed about the enormo TV than I, but whatever, I just don’t really care about that stuff.

Our now-old TV was smaller, and  due to its rather advanced electronic age of at least 15 years (RB bought in in HS, with money from his fastfood job), it was developing weird color bands:  a green stripe down the left side, and a magenta glow in the lower-left corner.  The now-displaced couch was a fairly fugly futon that was given to us by a vacating neighbor a couple years ago, and did yeoman’s work for any number of visiting friends and relatives.  Both were serviceable, if not ideal, and we were waiting until something went totally kablooey before we would replace it.

But then we didn’t, thanks to aforementioned lovely friends.  

And now we’ve got even better equipment for being indolent mofos.  Couch & TV:  that great American duo.  Add Wroth and Robot Boy:  a serviceable, if not ideal American duo, and we’re all feelin’ mighty fine.

That isn’t the couch.  Or Orange Cat (although he is totally digging the new couch, too).



  1. I’m sad that isn’t the real couch. I like picturing you ensconced amongst the cabbage roses.

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  3. My couch is famous!

  4. It’s MY couch now, missy!

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