I never thought I’d see the day, times two.

February 26, 2009

1.  Robot Boy wondered aloud last night about starting a Netflix subscription.  I boggled silently and thought it was merely a moment of weakness after watching the Oscars and thinking about all the films we couldn’t afford–both in terms of time and money– to see in theatres.

Then he emailed me today about giving him a subscription for his birthday, which is just a bit more than a week away.  I am seriously, seriously shocked.  Long has RB railed against Netflix (see his details on “The Cast” page) for their Wal-Mart-itization of the movie rental market, but as our favorite places (Reel Life, TLA, Kim’s) have folded one by one, he’s realizing that it ain’t even about the convenience of movies-in-the-mail–it’s about access to a catalog that is a skrazillion times larger than even the best, artsy-fartsiest independent shop (that would have been TLA, but they got chased out by rent hikes).

So, we’ll be having that discussion tonight, and I hope to soon get my mitts on any number of titles that have been languishing in the dusty drawer in my brain labelled “To See.”

2.  In other news, I had a meeting?  session?  with my therapist today, and I don’t feel like it was the worst thing I could have possibly done to myself.  It wasn’t a barrel of monkeys, mind you, but I also didn’t have to lurk in the back stairway of her building until my cry-reddened face regained some of its usual pallor before I could leave.  Thank god for big sunglasses, though.

Small victories.


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