Drugs, not Hugs.

March 23, 2009

I’m not crazy about this anti-depressant I’m taking.  (Ha, “crazy.”) 

  • It makes me dizzy, especially when/if I have caffiene, which is a cruel joke. 
  • It has killed my appetite for anything sweet; I’ve been eating  cheese and crackers or pasta for breakfast and haven’t touched the ice cream in my freezer for 3 weeks. 
  • It has mostly killed my appetite altogether.  I love food and eating, and to feel “meh” about it is a major bummer.  Things taste okay, mostly, but I feel over-full if I eat even half of what I usually put away, and then I just feel ill and gross.
  •  I’m thirsty all the time, and I’m the an even bigger pee-monkey than usual.
  • My libido, which was recovering from years of BCP, seems to have been dealt it’s death blow.  Wroth is not happy.  Robot Boy is not happy.

So, yeah, I’m going to have a follow-up with my PCP tomorrow and ask if there’s something else out there that won’t make me trade physical comforts for a little mental stability.  What is life for Wroth without a little lust and gluttony?

And am I writing?  Hell no.  I don’t want to.  And I still don’t know why.


One comment

  1. eek. hang in there, sweet lady. until you rectify the situation, have you considered force-binges? sounds like that ice cream could use a friend.

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