April 10, 2009

I’m starting rhymes-with-smell-shoe-chin today.  I spent a few days thinking I’d do without, but then when I started getting all drippy and self-hating and unable to leave the house, I thought:  yeah, maybe drugs are the answer.  (Just say yes, kids!)  So I’m about ready to admit that my brain is fucked up, as embarrassing as I find that.

My doc said rhymes-with-smell-shoe-chin is “activating,” and  as such, may make me spazzy, as rhymes-with-mexico did.  So we’ll see.  I’ve decided not to have any caffiene this morning, the better to judge what sort of spazzy it makes me.  I shoud quit it with the caffiene, anyway.

The good thing about this one (they say) is that it won’t kill your mojo like SSRIs will, which would be nice, because getting off BCP and onto SSRIs was kind of a cruel joke.  It still might kill my appetite.  Which I’m not happy about; I have a good food-day laid out, and my birthday (with ice-cream cake!) is imminent.  Yes, I am that excited about food.

But I have a big stupid thing that I have to take care of today, that I have been procrastinating for, literally, months, and it’s now or never.  So I’m going to go activate the shower, and the subway turnstile, and a copy machine, among other things.  If you see me vibrating, you’ll know why.


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