Wroth the word is an more archaic form of the word “wrathful,” and a better one, being monosyllabic, for its meaning.  “I am wroth” > “I am wrathful.”  Which I am, usually, about something.

Wroth the person is a woman in her 30s.  She spends her day in front of a computer, or perhaps in a library.  She has a male partner, Robot Boy, and three cats:  Old Cat, Orange Cat, and Little Cat (see “The Cast”).  She promises not to talk about herself in the third person anymore.

Wroth the blog is my personal, mostly anon- or pseudon-ymous blog.  Despite my own strong feelings on social and political issues, this is not an “issue” blog (although I love to read others’).  Though I have hobbies and interests, this it not a “theme” blog (although I love to read others’).   That said, whatever I write about, I write and think through a feminist lens.  [Insert joke about “angry feminists” here.]  I also can’t shut up about the awesome food I make and/or eat.

I swear I’m not always angry, just mostly.  Gotta leave time and space for the rest of the deadly sins…


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