The cast.



DOB: 1975

Likes: Diet Coke, fur-babies, musical theatre, napping

Dislikes:  Air travel, spending money, religion, cellphones, hot weather

Special Skills:  Fearless in the kitchen, making up nonsense songs, finding a bargain



robot-boy1Robot Boy

AKA: RB, The Mister, The Fella, Dude

DOB: 1975

Likes: Cartoons, cheese, records, beer, expensive underwear

Dislikes: Netflix, washing dishes, diet soda, network news

Special Skills: killer Andy Rooney impressions, cooking breakfast foods, mammoth capacity for snacking,  making art




Old Cat

AKA: Brown Bear, The Elder Statesman, Old Man Bubby, Buzzer

DOB: 12/4/94

Likes: Eating puke (known as “the hoover manuever”), naps, being brushed, anything banana flavored, Humpy Bear, his Momma

Dislikes: Travel, daily thyroid medicine, being held for too long

Special skills: Navigating while blind, shedding




Orange Cat

AKA: Pinky Poodle, The Pest, Wumpus, Cat Meat

DOB: 1/17/03 (estimated)

Likes: Laser Dot!, eating paper, chasing Little Cat, bathtub peek-a-boo

Dislikes: Having his nails trimmed, lack of crunchies

Special skills:  Sleeps with one eye open, incredibly elastic


Little Cat

AKA: Footie Pajamas, Bitey, Carpet Shark, Squirtle

DOB: 6/1/06 (estimated)

Likes: Whatever you’re eating, extreme heat, biting, fucking shit up

Dislikes: Old Cat, the squirt bottle

Special skills: Food theivery, unbearable cuteness

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