Father’s Day/Vegetables.

June 15, 2008

Robot Boy is a great dad to our cats, so they always show their appreciation in mid-June.  This year, they got him a big bottle of Chimay Cinq Cents and a card.  For my part I made him an awesome breakfast: a fresh spinach and chevre omlette, roasted potatoes, toast, mimosas, and coffee.*  I made a broccoli and cheddar omlette for myself.  Yum.

All this after cooking up a storm last night, since we got our first load of produce from our CSA, which was mostly greens:  lettuce, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, and mustard greens, along with broccoli, radishes, and garlic scapes (what?).  For dinner we had roasted chard and fettucine with arugula, lemon and cream.  Yum.  We’ve still got tons of veg to get through.  Tonight we’re having a big salad and/or the leftover chard and broccoli with alfredo sauce, since we gotta use up the cream and I’ll be watching the Tony Awards tonight, not hanging out in the kitchen. trying to figure out what do with all this green stuff.

This afternoon I Skyped with my dad, and briefly with my brother, who is also a dad.  Weird thought:  if my dad were a vegetable, he would be a sweet potato: mellow and earthy.  My brother would be something like chard:  good and good for you, but requiring some special handing and not for all tastes. RB would be, um…asparagus?  Fresh and sweet and versatile, great dressed up or down, even if he makes your pee smell weird.  Yeah, scratch that last part.  What veggie (or fruit, I’m not biased) would your dad be?

*I’m also going to take him to see Jollyship the Whiz-Bang later this month, although that’s a teensy bit selfish on my part.





One comment

  1. my dad would be a banana. a little squishy, a little silly, yet an old faithful. also browns in the sun and, uh filled with potassium?

    I’m a nerd.

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